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Our Philosophy: Proactive and Comprehensive Accounting Services

Our high-level and full-suite of accounting services help business owners plan ahead for their financial future, so they can make smart choices, instead of simply reacting to business and personal events that have a financial impact. For individuals, being proactive includes determining your personal goals and deciding where you would like to be financially to meet them or what significant events you would like to save for.

For businesses, forwarded-thinking involves talking about your company’s philosophy and creating a business strategy that allows you to continue offering your product or service to your community.  Our objective is to make our services easy to access and to make our clients’ lives easier by doing so. 

Business Services to Meet Your Needs: Accounting System Hosting

Robert R. Naugler, CPA, PA offers access to QuickBooks in a hosted environment where clients can complete payroll, generate invoices, or pay bills all on their own, if they wish, without having to install a desktop version of accounting software. At crucial points throughout the year, our Boise CPA assists bookkeeping processes by reconciling bank statements and downloading credit card transaction information. Instead of getting a stack of papers at the end of the year, our office can follow your business’ progress digitally to offer help and guidance on-the-spot or facilitate easier end of year tax filing.

In-the-cloud QuickBooks access is the easiest way for business owners to utilize the tools of accounting programs, while also enjoying the benefits of having their bookkeeping and record-taking infrastructure overseen by an accounting professional.

Skilled Tax Preparation: Helping Clients Who Haven’t Filed a Return

While failing to file a tax return can be overwhelming, our Boise tax and accounting firm is adept at managing clients in this particular situation. We take the lead on the tax process and help them relieve both the burden and stress that unfiled taxes can create.  Our CPA sits down with clients for an in-depth tax interview to make sure our services can help them establish compliance with IRS regulations. Our tax and accounting services are intended to be a relief for the busy or overwhelmed business owner. 

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For more information about business and individual financials services from our Boise accounting firm, contact Robert Naugler, CPA and his team today. You can also browse our website, access our online tax tools, or read more through our blog.


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