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Our accounting professionals at Robert R. Naugler, CPA, PA can help you organize your business so that it meets your short and long term goals.

In our Boise accounting firm, we will work with you to identify the most efficient ways to maintain a stable company and thus increase your profitability. We offer a variety of small business services to ensure the success and longevity of your endeavors, and you can gain peace of mind knowing that we are on your side.


Holding regular consultations will help CPAs and business owners alike identify any problems that have been encountered. We will help you determine how to increase profitability, control costs, raise revenues, and find reliable employees. We act as your business partner so that you can better manage your company and increase its productivity.

Non-profit Accounting

We work alongside small to medium sized non-profits corporations to keep them compliant with specific tax requirements. We are also well-versed in non-profit law, which will help your business better align with IRS regulations.

Construction Accounting

Our Boise accountants work with all levels of construction accounting. We will keep your company organized by properly applying payments and keeping invoices in order. We will also handle a percentage of your company’s completion, inventories, and cost center. 

Payroll Services

If your business plans on hiring employees, then effective payroll services are key. Our Boise CPAs will ensure your company complies with all payroll tax regulations. We use an online payroll system that is user-friendly and worry free. We will walk you through the necessary steps to get your payroll up and running.

Large Transaction Financing 

We play a large part in financing large transactions for our Boise businesses. We will help your company organize banking information, as well as get you in touch with the right financial institution. We communicate directly to the institution of your choosing and ensure that you are not losing any money.

Our Business Services

Business Services

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